MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE-AUSTIN-NYC: Rock and Pop Singer/Songwriter Danielle Antonio has just released a new single on iTunes titled “Freedom and Philosophy”. The track captures classic sounds that fans of Pop, Rock, Blues, Rockabilly and Country music will appreciate. She brings depth in her lyrics about viewpoints in our current society. You can taste rock, pop, jazz, swing, country in the layers of this rebellious track, and Danielle’s raw vocals are a nice contrast. What you hear is what you get on all fronts.  A true upside to being a child of the music game, grooves just flow out her soul. (Jaimie Ward)”

— _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Antonio Records New Blues Rock Song At TIKI Studio -- "Freedom and Philosophy" is a new rock/pop single released on Antelope Recordings with some groovy rock, roots, country, a little yearning and a lotta determination. It’s the first single off Danielle's upcoming sophomore CD which she is recording at TIKI Studios in Glen Cove NY. This music community on Long Island's north shore is a hub of top studios which came to be known over the years as "Studio Row".  Many started here in the 70s/80s and have been producing NY's finest artists and recordings for decades.”


SLIDESHARE:Shades of young Alanis Morissette are heard in Danielle Antonio and in her newest single “Freedom and Philosophy.” She is the latest in a long line of female artists who use their musical abilities to discuss the realities of life, and an exciting addition to this fine musical heritage. She speaks truth to issues such as intricacies of human relationships and also takes on the daunting task of unraveling social customs. Similar to female songwriters of the 90s injecting meaning into their music, her lyrics are sometimes brutally honest yet cleverly wrapped in stirring melodies and haunting vocals.”


MUSIC INDUSTRY NEWS NETWORK:New York City - Singer/Songwriter Danielle Antonio has just released a single titled “Freedom and Philosophy”. It captures classic sounds that fans of Pop, Rock, Blues, Rockabilly, and Country music will appreciate. Follow up to her 1st rock/pop CD, this music grooves deep with socially poignant lyrics. Being exposed early on may have been a catalyst for her musical direction. Her father, Pete Antell, was a chart-ranking Artist that performed on national tours and part of the historic Brill Building community, writing songs for greats such as Ike and Tina Turner, Four Seasons, Tony Orlando, Jackie Wilson, Count Basie and Cab Calloway.”

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MIGHTY COOL THINGS:A modern blend of Amy Winehouse, Fiona Apple and Laura Nyro, Danielle delivers grooves, vocals and lyrics which deeply resonate with her audiences. After I heard the new single, "Freedom and Philosophy" I was instantly drawn in to her message and vibe. Her storytelling is intricate yet simple in an age where artists are being drowned behind their production. Very refreshing.”

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BANDNUT:Danielle Antonio successfully embodies the societal blues in her new song “Freedom and Philosophy”. The rock/pop single explores the duality of both existing and questioning, she asks things we have all wondered about and the roles we play and responsibilities yielded. It’s a deftly written song that highlights her musical talent yet inquisites the essence of your existence.”


AMUSED NOW INTERVIEW: "Early in my Long Island childhood music was the center of my life.  I started piano at age 7 and studied both pop and classical music until about 14, then it was clarinet and chorus!  My earliest memories included many school chorus and band concerts and listening to great musical artists from all different eras. My father let me help in his home studio and I developed an early aptitude for record production. It was quite awhile before I actually became a performing Singer/Songwriter but it was well worth the journey. I have performed professionally with both cover and original material and in different show capacities, but love the freedom of expression that being an Original Artist avails. I produced my first CD independently and then recorded with my dad's grass-roots label, Antelope Records, for future recordings. I think I bring a rock-blues-jazz sound to today's singer-songwriter landscape and try to keep my lyrics as honest and insightful as possible. The first single "Freedom and Philosophy", from my upcoming album is rooty and groovy and a taste of what's to come on the full CD. Article by Cynthia Kahn ”


Denver Talent Magazine Danielle began playing piano at age 7 and learned “Love Will Keep Us Together” as her first pop song. Musical endeavors were a continuum growing up with a musician/ vocalist/ songwriter/ producer father (Pete Antell) and talented siblings. Shaping and coloring Danielle’s palette was a bit of everything: jazz standards, motown, funk and soul, blues, 60s rock, 70s melodies, 80s new wave, 90s jam bands and grunge, folk, country, and showtunes. But she was influenced the most by female singer/songwriters of the 90s those who could sing, write and play. “They were the real catalyst for my finding my own voice. Great art inspires authentic art in others” ...”

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 INDIE MUSIC REVIEWER - WAITING TO FLY" (Part I)An artist who started in crunchy Boulder and migrated back to the music climes of NYC, Danielle Antonio brings a sound to the "Women of Substance" movement to the point of being a nonconformist.  She enjoys paying tribute to retro styles and, like songstresses of the 70s and 90s, her cadenced approach reminds you there still exists a developed and sophisticated singer-songwriter genre.  One with genuine standards by which vocal styling and a competent musicianship must be measured. In "New Elements", Danielle is dextrous in her keyboard and vocal stylings, imparting improvisational flavor in common interplay with other musicians, both in the studio and on stage. But these dual abilities of voice/piano need the harnessing of a good producer, one who could let the listener fully experience the width and breadth of her potential, and take her talents to a more conspicuous and deserving level of appreciation - Jeff Cuttino”

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INDIE MUSIC REVIEWER - WAITING TO FLY" (Part II)Danielle has the ability to switch adopted influences with almost every changing song on "New Elements".  In the opening track “Caught In A Landslide”, she co-opts the lilting vibrato of Ronnie Spector, as she opens with the concern, “Too much illusion in the air.”  Successfully layering her multi-registering voice behind, above, and below, weaving a nuanced, pleasing audial tapestry.  “Got No Go” has an evocative tenderness that adopts a synthesis of beauty and pain with “Used to think that starry nights could make me shine.”  It displays the melancholy effect of the conclusion of a mature mind resolving the anger of one’s youth. “Hold A Candle” curiously deals with disillusionment made possible by the discovery of romantic love, adopting a jazzy, slight Sade sound. “Hurricane" suggests disengagement brought to us with the grooved-like soul of Aretha - Jeff Cuttino”

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