As Singer/ Songwriter/ Keyboardist performing in her second decade of original music, Danielle Antonio embodies the true spirit of the Indie Artist.  Blending rock-pop-roots music with jazz and blues undertones, Danielle showcases strong vocals and powerful prose while delivering insightful and intense songs to the current musical landscape.  Her live shows and studio recordings offer one side of artistry, and her songwriting vault of over 200 compositions offers another.  


Danielle wrote, recorded and produced her first original CD, "NEW ELEMENTS", which landed on early iTunes as an independent release (several songs were spun on college and internet radio).  Her 2nd CD, "BITTER GIRL"  was recorded at TIKI Studios in NYC and is supported by Antelope Records, featuring top session musicians and radio-ready production. Her 3rd album "GYPSY ROAD/ TALES FROM A TRAVELER"  is set for release in Spring 2020.  This exposes an insightful storytelling narrative from years on the road, full of organic arrangements and regional musical accompaniments.


Coloring her diverse musical palette over the years were plenty:  jazz standards, funk-soul-blues, 60s rock, 70s melodies, 80s new wave and punk, 90s jam bands and female singer/songwriters, grunge, folk, country, classical and also showtunes.  A Long Island, NY childhood set the course for her artistry early on.  As a kid Danielle grew up immersed in studio and band exposure -  once accompanying her musician/producer father while he was opening for Fleetwood Mac - she found herself next to Christie McVie's piano backstage thinking "this is what I'm going to do with my life."  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Music theory, studio and dance production defined her college years, and performances in Colorado Rocky Mountains lodges, singing Broadway, Country, and Pop followed.  After songwriting entered her radar Danielle didn't hesitate to form an original band and she began playing all over the Denver/Boulder region.  She expanded to NYC and released her first Indie album,  cultivating her show presence and musicality on East Coast stages.  Since then she has performed in festivals and venues across the country, eventually migrating to the South ---  more specifically the vibrant music-mecca and so-called live music capital of Austin, Texas, where she now resides and performs.