Coming in Fall 2021, "GYPSY ROAD/TALES FROM A TRAVELER" will be the 3rd release from this Indie Artist.  It;s a roots-blues-country journey album with a storytelling narrative from many years traveling and observing on the road.  A singer- songstress with jazz/blues undertones, Danielle Antonio is performing in her 2nd decade of original music.  She showcases the mandatory trifecta:  live shows, studio records, and a deep songwriting vault.  

Her self-produced/Pro Tools-recorded debut CD "NEW ELEMENTS" was an independent album on early iTunes.  Her sophomore CD  "BITTER GIRL" (production with Antelope Records/Tiki Studios - NYC) features a  Rock/Pop radio single "FREEDOM AND PHILOSOPHY".  Also in the future works is "KALEIDOSCOPE," an EP featuring dance, funk and soul grooves.

Danielle's productions have been licensed in cable, network and motion picture releases.  


Growing up immersed in studio and performance platforms, Danielle's Long Island NY childhood set the course for authentic artistry.  Her original songs reflect a deep palette of the many genres she was exposed to early on.  Once while accompanying her musician/ producer father as he was the opening act for Fleetwood Mac, she found herself backstage standing next to Christie McVie's piano and thought "this is what I'm going to do someday"..

Her early professional gigs began in Rocky Mountain lodges where she sang Broadway, Country and Pop tunes.  The stage and spotlife continued in the Colorado region as she performed with her all-original band for 5 years, cutting her teeth and cultivating presence.  After releasing her debut CD she expanded her shows nationally and has since performed in venues and festivals across the country.  She splits her time between artsy NY, colorful Colorado and the vibrant music mecca of Austin, TX.