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This music has a heart and pulse of its own. Danielle blends strong vocals and powerful prose with musical influences that are wide and deep.  Shaping and coloring her palette over the years were plenty:  jazz standards, motown, funk-soul-blues, 60s rock, 70s melodies, 80s new wave, 90s jam bands, grunge, folk, country, classical and showtunes.  Her musical upbringing on Long Island, NY set the course for artistry early on.  Once as a young kid while accompanying her musician/producer father who was on tour opening for Fleetwood Mac, she found herself standing next to Christie McVie's piano backstage thinking "this is what I'm going to do someday."  

After college years of music and dance, Danielle migrated west and performed in the Rocky Mountains, singing Broadway, Country, and Pop tunes in mountain lodge shows.  When songwriting entered her radar she dove in head first with song demos and open mics, while also apprenticing in studios and singing in cover bands.  She put together her first original band performing in Denver/Boulder for many years.  After having grown up around analog recording Danielle transitioned into the digital music world easily.  She tracked, edited and mixed her first original CD, "NEW ELEMENTS", which landed on iTunes as an independent release.  The songs  "Caught In A Landslide", "Everybody's Stringing Me Along" and "Hurricane" were spun on college and internet radio.  

Danielle has played in music festivals and in venues across the country, cutting her teeth every step of the way.  As a songwriter she has penned nearly 150 compositions and always has a new song in the works.  Her sophomore CD is in production with Antelope Recordings in NYC with a scheduled release in 2017.  The first Rock/Pop single from that CD,  "FREEDOM AND PHILOSOPHY" is available at iTunes  and has been played on many online stations.